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 Premium Quality at Your Service: Discover the grading solution tailored to your needs.

 Grading Technology & Machinery

Our service doesn’t stop once your produce is graded, we can also offer customized sorting & packing solutions. 


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Discover Efficiency: Explore Our Machinery's Impressive Throughput Capacity

After a season of dedication, maximizing the value of your harvest is essential. Elisam California ensures this with its rapid, dependable, and precise grading equipment. Experience optimal throughput, uniform quality, and assurance that every produce item matters.

grading machine

Ensure the value of each fruit and vegetable, season after season.

Meet every demand

Excellent product handling

Maximum reliability

Grading machinery

Stay ahead of all your customer requirements.

During harvest season, speed is key, but not at the expense of accuracy. With Elisam California, enjoy both speed and precision. Benefit from high throughput, consistent quality, and precise defect detection in one solution. Meet customer demands effortlessly and maintain peak productivity.

machine you can rely on
guaranteed consistency

Dependable Machinery: Your Trusted Solution

Ensure Continuous Operations: Choose Elisam GranTorino for Reliable Performance and Maximum Uptime. Invest in Durability for Long-Term Efficiency.

Reliable Consistency: Eliminate Manual Inspection Hassles

Each season brings its own variation in harvest quality and defects, but Elisam GranTorino effortlessly manages them all. It meticulously grades every piece of produce for optimal size, precise color separation, and top-tier internal and external quality grading. This not only maximizes yield from each batch but also eradicates the need for manual quality control.

perfect high speed.
fully integrated

Flawless High-Speed Processing

Fruits and vegetables vary greatly in shape and size, posing a challenge for perfect grading. However, the Elisam GranTorino was crafted precisely for this task. Even at maximum speed and capacity, it conducts a comprehensive 360° inspection of each item. This guarantees consistent quality and accurate grading, minimizing waste.

Fully integrated for seamless operation, ensuring your entire pack house functions as a unified entity.

We tailor our machines to fit seamlessly into your unique facility, ensuring optimal performance and connectivity throughout your entire pack house. From multi-head scales to bin tippers, washing and waxing machines, drying tunnels, palletizers, packing tables, and automated packaging, we ensure a cohesive and efficient system.

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